Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Flowers February 15th - 21st

Day 46. Another chrysanthemum, not a lot else to say!

Day 47. Peony and cherry blossoms design.

Day48. Going for an Art Nouveau look with lillies.

Day 49. More rose designs.

Day 50. Just some quick random daisy type designs, some days it gets hard to find the time to sketch.

Day 51. Trying for a cherry blossom branch design and failing, should not have put in the background.

Day52. A proper tattoo design. Rose, Dagger and banners.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Flowers February 8th - 14th

Day 39. Trying to get back to a more traditional tattoo design. The roses are a bit samey but there you go.

Day 40. Lotus flower, Not happy with this at all, will try to do better next time.

Day 41. Going for a, sort of, Egyptian lotus flower look.

Day 42. Peony layout. open and closed, useable designs.

Day 43. Layout based on a William Morris embroidery design print.

Day 44. Trying some different rose styles.

Day 45. Classic tattoo style Heart & Roses, well it is Valentines day!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Flowers February 1st - 7th

Day 32. Typical rose layout in the style I usually do roses, I will hopefully come up with some different types of roses based on the real things as well as this, my usual tattoo style.

Day 33. Type of Chrysanthemum, not sure which type. There are two different style leaves here, it is referenced from a photo and both leaf types were in the picture, not sure which leaf belonged to which plant so I drew both.

Day 34. Basic cherry blossoms, too much background not enough flowers.

Day 35. Basic Lily layout, the sort of tattoo I get to put down peoples ribs all the time after they have done a quick Google image search for rib tattoos!

Day 36. Peony, in the style I usually do them, need to reference some actual peonies to help work on flow and flips and such.

Day 37. Just playing with a heart shaped layout, general made up flowers!, I don't know what they are, I'm a tattooist not a florist, they look pretty though?

Day 38. My first real attempt at freehand drawing this type of chrysanthemum, I would usually trace these because of their complexity, but felt it was about time I got to grips with the mechanics of drawing them, quite pleased with it, will probably do a few more of these to get the feel.

February - FLOWERS

February's theme is going to be flowers.
I get to do a lot of flowers whilst tattooing so hopefully it wont be too hard going this month.
I'm hoping to do a selection of tattoo style roses, cherry blossoms, peonies and the like and maybe some more realistic style flowers, who knows we shall see!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Skulls January 22nd - 31st

Day 22. Referenced small skull, with a few roses to fill out the page.
Day 23. Spider skull, well the ideas there if not the execution.
Day 24. Don't really know what I was thinking but here it is!
Day 25. My first attempt at a kapala type skull.
Day 26. Skull with roses, can't really go wrong can you?
Day 27. Tattoo idea layout, based on a tattoo I once saw.
Day 28. No excuses for this effort, just drawing without thinking, I think coming up with different ideas is going to be the hardest thing about this project.
Day 29. I was going for a pirate look, ended up with a gang member look, nevermind.
Day 30. Its been a long month, that's all I can say.
Day 31. Thank God, end of January, it has been fun and frustrating, here's to next month when I can hopefully keep up with this project.

Skulls January 15th - 21st

Day 15. Quick rough sketch based on the logo for Discharge.

Day 16. Used reference of a baby skull.

Day 17. Used reference for the skull. Helping me out with correct proportions.

Day 18. Candy skull type thing.

Day 19. Used reference for the skull, need to work on my fingerwaves and general water flow.

Day 20. A quick Victorian looking effort.

Day 21. Predator skull.