Friday, 31 May 2013

Cats May 22nd - 31st

Day 142. Maneki Neko cat with wind bars background

Day 143. Tigers eyes.

Day 144. Winged Lion holding a ball. Referenced from a statue, could make a good tattoo.

Day 145. Winged Lion from the front, he doesn't look very happy!

Day 146. Cute Lion cub tattoo design. It's a bit greeting cardy, but there you go.

Day 147. Cheetah head design. Trying to get away from the tigers and panthers, Cheetahs have a more elegant head I think.

Day 148. Cool Cat Greaser Panther tattoo.

Day 149. Roaring Lions head. Really struggled to get the scale of the mane on this, still feels too small.

Day 150. Aristocat, based on about a million tattoos like this!

Day 151. Smooth simple panthers head with rose. I had fun this month but I'm glad to be finished.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cats May 15th - 21st

Day 135. Pantheres Head. Going back to a more freehand approach to get a more tattooable design. I seem to be doing a lot of panthers, but they are the coolest cats!

Day 136. Another climbing panther, heads a bit big and still needs simplifing but i've seen worse.

Day 137. Panthers head with rose and banners. really simplifing things here to make a good tattoo design.

Day 138. Lions head. Not really working this one, I knew in my head what I was going for, it just didn't communicate with my hand.

Day 139.Tiger fighting Snake. Well this started off OK but as I added more detail instead of a vicious battle it looks more like the tiger and snake have been on the beer and the tigers saying "you're my best mate you, I love you"  .Still, its a sketch done!

Day 140. Panthers head and a Rose, nothing to say really it is what it is.

Day 141. Egyptian style cat. Simple as that.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cats May 8th - 14th

Day 128. Tigers head. A lot of these sketches are not strictly tattoo designs, they are just an exercise  for me to get a feel of how to draw teeth, eyes nose, etc. etc. for use when laying out any further  tattoos.

Day 129. Trying to simplify from a reference photo, I should have spent more time throwing in a few guide lines as the face is a bit skewed. The writings not too bad though!

Day 130. Panther on some rocks, the design is maybe not the best silhouette but could be a good cover up.

Day 131. Panther crawling down. Not the best head ever, I need to work on simpler heads.

Day 132. Another go at a cat on a 13. Well it's better than the last effort at least.

Day 133. Sketch of a lion. he looks a bit surprised. Really just more practice in anatomy.

Day 134. This is really just a blatant copy of a Martin Lacasse panthers head, but I needed to work on my panther heads so it's sensible to copy from people who do it well.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cats May 1st - 7th.

Day 121. Panther? Well this is not a very good start is it. I started at the mouth and teeth which went OK, what happened next I don't know. Must try harder.

Day 122. Panther's head, Tried harder today to redeem myself for yesterday, should make a good tattoo.

Day 123. Leaping Tiger. Quite happy with this design, maybe not the water?, but I drew the tiger too close to the bottom of the page and there wasn't enough room the put in the bottm of its legs on, so this was my get-out option.

Day 124. Baby leopard. He doesn't look very happy does he, but he wasn't very happy in the reference either.

Day 125. Lion head. Referenced from a fountain, could make a good tattoo.

Day 126. Trying to do more tattoo style sketches, this is very poor, idea is good - execution is bad.
May try and revisit this design.

Day 127. Same problem again today I'm afraid, and I was doing so well until I got to the head.
I don't know if this project is helping at all with my drawings, but I will continue and hope I'm just having a bad patch.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May - CATS

Aprils theme is going to be cats.

Mainly big cats, Tigers, Panthers, Lions and such but I may put in some moggies you never know

Here's to May.

Birds April 22nd - 30th

Day 112. A few quickly sketched swallows.

Day 113. Taken from reference, not sure on the bird type but its a nice shape for tattooing.

Day 114. Eagle sat on a skull.

Day 115. Going for a soft shaded style. Would make quite an effective tattoo.

Day 116. A big owl, not much else to say!

Day 117. Vulture taken from drawn reference. I think the neck is a bit short, but thats the problem working off a drawing, I may be copying someone elses mistakes.

Day 118. Working in a similar soft shading style.

Day 119. A Swan. Simple as that.

Day 120. A bit rushed this one and it has come out a bit fat, ah well never mind its the end of the month.