Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Insects December 22nd - 31st.

Day 356. Ornamental Butterfly design. I took reference from a book of Victorian ornament to design this.

Day 357. Insect Lady tattoo design. I put a bit of everything into this, would like to tattoo stuff like this.

Day 358. Floral skull tattoo design. Had another go at a hidden skull type image, I'm a lot happier with this attempt.

Day 359. Happy Christmas. Just a simple little fun worm for today, fitted it in in between family visits.

Day 360. Little skull wasp tattoo design. This would be a fun tattoo to do.

Day 361. Spiders web tattoo design. Referenced from a pinterest photo of someones Halloween make up, and then I threw in a few spiders.

Day 362. Insect tattoo design. I'm not really sure what this is of, some kind of tick maybe, I gave it a bit of a bio mechanical feel.

Day 363. Housefly tattoo designs. Soft shaded little designs, I think would look nice and subtle.

Day 364.Steam punk/ clockwork beetle tattoo design. Referenced from some cool real beetle/ clockwork art pieces someone had made.

Day 365.Spider and pocket watch tattoo design. Well this is it my final sketch. I've done it with the time nearing 12. I know they're not the best circles ever and its all a bit wonky but I've finally finished my project so its a bit more symbolic, if anything.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Insects December 15th - 21st

Day 349. Ladybird on daisy tattoo design.Would make a nice little tattoo in colour.

Day 350. Moth / Mandala tattoo design. I have seen a tattoo similar before this is my take on it.

Day 351.Spider tattoo design. I've gone a bit abstract with this with the skull and heart features I think it would make a nice tattoo.

Day 352. Beetle and jewelry tattoo design. I've not done the best symmetry ever but if I were tattooing it I would just copy one half. Would look nice I think.

Day 353. Ants on a rose. Basically what I've just described, not the best I've done certainly but a sketch all the same.

Day 354. Spider / Locket tattoo design. Same thing with the symmetry here but I do think this would make a nice tattoo either black and grey or colour.

Day 355. Winged beetle with lace tattoo design. I'm quite happy with this, would need tidying up a bit for tattooing but could look good.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Insects December 8th - 14th

Day 342. Skull butterfly tattoo design. This is just my take on a skull / butterfly design, I would make it a bit more symmetrical if it were for a tattoo.

Day 343. Bees and flower tattoo design. I'm happy with this composition and think it would make a very nice coloured tattoo.

Day 344. Praying Mantis. Well its not the best idea for a tattoo or the best sketch, but it happened!

Day 345. Short on time again today this is a design I've seen tattooed, I think on Pinterest, this is my version.

Day 346. Butterflies, moth and flowers design. I attempted to do this so it looked like a skull but it hasn't really worked, I may have another go at it, I may not.

Day 347. Simple soft shaded flowers and butterflies tattoo design. A nice simple design that is popular with girls for their ribs or along the thigh.

Day 348. Egyptian Style Beetle design. Kind of revisiting my Egyptian sketches, it can be hard to come up with a idea for insects as tattoo designs and Egyptian designs are very tattooable.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Insects December 1st - 7th

Day 335. Butterfly and swirls tattoo design. Just some quick little butterflies with swirlys to get the month started. Bread and butter stuff to do.

Day 336. Scorpion tattoo design. Again a standard tattoo type design to do.

Day337. Skull with spiders and roses tattoo design. This would make a very interesting tattoo with a bit more background added to it.

Day338. Deathhead Moth tattoo design. Moth done with eyes and teeth designs on the wings.

Day339. Butterfly on a flower. It is what it says it is, a butterfly on a flower not a lot else to say.

Day340. Lace Dragonfly design. I've seen a couple of tattoos done in a lace type style, this one is almost a total copy of a design I'd seen, I'd like to try more in this style but using a true lace reference instead of making a copy of anothers design.

Day 341.Stag beetle tattoo design. Stag beetle holding a pearl and jewelled necklace. I think I'll do a couple more like this, this month.

December - INSECTS

Well I've finally made it to the last month, its been a challenge somedays, but only this month to go.

Decembers theme is going to be insects.
Probably a lot of butterflies and the like but should be a good challenge.

Here's to December.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pin-Ups November 22nd - 30th

Day 326. I had a go at the ultimate pin up 'Bettie Page' I think I've made one of her eyes a bit wonky though.

Day 327. Dia los Muertos, day of the Dead girl tattoo design.

Day 328. Pin up girl tattoo design. Ran short on time today, this one is pretty much just a copy of a clip art style pin up design I had seen.

Day 329. Pin up girl design. I tried exaggerating the features with this one, but I don't think it really worked with the face.

Day 330. Skinhead Girl tattoo design. I referenced a few different pictures for this. I'm quite happy with this, just wish I had not made the t shirt skin-tight and had added a bit of material stretch there instead.

Day 331. Pin up girl tattoo design. I think I got the head from Pinterest again? added in the roses and ornament.

Day 332. Pin up girl applying lipstick. Again I think referenced from Pinterest.

Day 333. Busy day and ran short of time again, so this is another one that is pretty much a straight up copy of a pin up girl clip art style design.

Day 334. Referenced from Pinterest? Last one of this month. Its been fun this month as girls are not something I would usually try and draw, and if it were for a tattoo I would mainly trace up from the reference. Anyway onwards and upwards bring on next month.

Pin-Ups November 15th - 21st

Day 319. Pin up girl, referenced from a Google image search, added in some little tattoos.

Day 320. Pin up girl tattoo design. Pose from 1000 pin ups book and I added a snake.

Day 321. I think I got the reference from Pinterest? added in some roses and a banner. I pretty pleased with how this one came out.

Day 322. Pin up girl. I have made the legs too small again.

Day323. My attempt at a portrait of my better half Sal. Added in a couple of roses.

Day 324. Peek a Boo pin up girl.

Day 325. Attempt at the 'Sexy Sandy' from Grease, Olivia Newton John. Tell Me about it Stud!