Thursday, 7 November 2013

Pin-Ups November 1st - 7th

Day 305. Pin-Up girl tattoo design. My attempt at a pin-up not from any particular reference. I've made the head too big and the legs too small. Things can only get better.

Day 306. Victorian Pin-Up girl tattoo. More of a Victorian feel than a pin up but was good practice for hands, referenced from one of my many pin up books.

Day 307.  Pin-Up tattoo design. Not the best ever but getting more into a mindset for drawing these pin ups.

Day 308. Pin-Up girl tattoo design. Now this one, I think, has come out really well. Referenced from a Gil Elvgren painting, it doesn't really look like the painting but would make a great tattoo.

Day 309. Pin-Up girl tattoo design. Used reference of a model photo, think I've gotten the legs too short again.

Day 310. Pin-Up girl in Rose tattoo design. Pose is referenced from a book of old pin up magazines and I've added the flower to make a good tattooable design. Think the face has two good halves that maybe don't actually go together, I would definitly redraw the face if I were to tattoo it.

Day 311. Lady Luck Pin-Up tattoo design. I struggled with the face again with this one. I feel I need to simplify more, maybe get a bit of Sailor Jerry action going on.

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