Thursday, 31 January 2013

Skulls January 1st - 7th

Day 1. This is my first sketch, just a quick roughed out skull, done just before bedtime on the 1st, it'd been a busy day and I nearly fell at the first hurdle by not getting a sketch done but I managed to rough out this skull quickish just to make sure I started.


 Day 2. Busy day at the shop but sketched this out, not great, really need to put more effort into planning out what to sketch instead of just putting pencil to paper.

Day 3. Still just sketching randomly, but ideas for basic small tattoos.


Day 4. Pretty bad candy skull, I'd drawn up a better one on scrap paper before this , then sketched this poor effort, wish I'd thrown it away and drawn another but it can stay here as a lesson to do better.


Day 5. Skull with snake, quite happy with this as layout goes need to reference some real skulls and some real snakes, but it looks tattooable.

Day 6.  Just sketching the usual type of skull I might do if someone just asks for one to be free-handed on.

Day 7. Well its different, not a lot else to say.

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