Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Egyptian August 1st - 7th

Day 213. Simple Ankh tattoo design. Ankh based on a jewellery design.

Day 214. Egyptian scarab design. This type of design always make for a good tattoo.

Day 215. Sekhmet, Egyptian Sun Goddess of War. I'd not heard of this God before, like a lot of Egyptian Gods it is perceived as a 'human hybrid' depicted with human bodies with the head of animals, in this case the head of a lioness.

Day 216. Eye of Horus tattoo design.

Day 217. Anubis tattoo design. Anubis Egyptian Jackal God of the Dead.

Day 218. Ra tattoo design. Ra the Supreme Egyptian Solar God.

Day 219.Isis design. Isis Egyptian God of Love. I know the face and probably the whole body proportions are wrong, this is something I intend to work on in a future months theme.

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