Saturday, 31 August 2013

Egyptian August 22nd - 31st

Day 234. Egyptian God Anubis design.

Day 235. Simple Egyptian style flowers.

Day 236. Isis tattoo design.

Day 237. Queen Nefertiti Sketch, tattoo design.

Day 238. Eye of Horus and Pyramid tattoo design.

Day 239. Another Isis tattoo design.

Day 240. Egyptian winged snake design. don't really think that the Japanese background is working.

Day 241. Egyptian/Art Deco design. It gets difficult to think of something different everyday so this is maybe a little of theme.

Day 242. Egyptian Mummy design. Getting away from the ancient Egyptian style towards a horror/fantasy theme.
Day 243. Egyptian eye design. Well the end of another month, back to a more tattoo edged design next month I think.

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