Thursday, 31 October 2013

Religious October 22nd - 31st

Day 295. Virgin Mary tattoo design. Copied from reference, got the face better I felt not so great on the hands.

Day 296. Sacred Heart and Roses tattoo design. Good usuable tattoo style design.

Day 297. Face of Jesus Christ. From reference, not great - not terrible.

Day 298. Face of Jesus Christ 2. From reference, not great - not terrible.

Day 299. Skeleton virgin Mary with anatomical heart. I would really like to get to tattoo this on somebody.

Day 300. I don't know, don't ask me. Had a drawing block and a busy day.

Day 301. Hamsa hand tattoo design.

Day 302. Ganesh tattoo design. Based on a few different reference photos.

Day 303. The Christ Child. Based on the painting 'The Light of the World' by Frederic James Shields.

Day 304. Satanic Goat tattoo design. Did a more fun evil design today for Halloween and to celebrate getting to the end of the month.

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