Monday, 7 October 2013

Religious October 1st - 7th

Day 274. Praying Hands, pretty much a blatant copy from Albrecht Durer's hands sketch, a very popular tattoo design.

Day 275. Angel with outstretched arms tattoo design. Protect Me Guide Me in a banner.

Day 276.Two Cherubs placing a halo onto Christ's head. Could make a good tattoo design with a lot of redrawing of features.

Day 277. Jesus Christ. Head of Jesus if he was a long faced stoner, it looked ok when I was sketching and then it came out with a long horse face, think I'll have another go at this later this month.

Day 278. Virgin Mary tattoo sketch. I'm a lot happier with this facial sketch rather than the Jesus one. Hopefully as they say 'Practice makes Perfect', more work needed on my faces.

Day 279. Rose, candle, rosary beads combo. Would be a fun little tattoo.

Day 280. Sacred Heart tattoo design. Now this is definitely made for tattooing.

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