Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Cats May 1st - 7th.

Day 121. Panther? Well this is not a very good start is it. I started at the mouth and teeth which went OK, what happened next I don't know. Must try harder.

Day 122. Panther's head, Tried harder today to redeem myself for yesterday, should make a good tattoo.

Day 123. Leaping Tiger. Quite happy with this design, maybe not the water?, but I drew the tiger too close to the bottom of the page and there wasn't enough room the put in the bottm of its legs on, so this was my get-out option.

Day 124. Baby leopard. He doesn't look very happy does he, but he wasn't very happy in the reference either.

Day 125. Lion head. Referenced from a fountain, could make a good tattoo.

Day 126. Trying to do more tattoo style sketches, this is very poor, idea is good - execution is bad.
May try and revisit this design.

Day 127. Same problem again today I'm afraid, and I was doing so well until I got to the head.
I don't know if this project is helping at all with my drawings, but I will continue and hope I'm just having a bad patch.

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