Friday, 31 May 2013

Cats May 22nd - 31st

Day 142. Maneki Neko cat with wind bars background

Day 143. Tigers eyes.

Day 144. Winged Lion holding a ball. Referenced from a statue, could make a good tattoo.

Day 145. Winged Lion from the front, he doesn't look very happy!

Day 146. Cute Lion cub tattoo design. It's a bit greeting cardy, but there you go.

Day 147. Cheetah head design. Trying to get away from the tigers and panthers, Cheetahs have a more elegant head I think.

Day 148. Cool Cat Greaser Panther tattoo.

Day 149. Roaring Lions head. Really struggled to get the scale of the mane on this, still feels too small.

Day 150. Aristocat, based on about a million tattoos like this!

Day 151. Smooth simple panthers head with rose. I had fun this month but I'm glad to be finished.

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