Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Cats May 15th - 21st

Day 135. Pantheres Head. Going back to a more freehand approach to get a more tattooable design. I seem to be doing a lot of panthers, but they are the coolest cats!

Day 136. Another climbing panther, heads a bit big and still needs simplifing but i've seen worse.

Day 137. Panthers head with rose and banners. really simplifing things here to make a good tattoo design.

Day 138. Lions head. Not really working this one, I knew in my head what I was going for, it just didn't communicate with my hand.

Day 139.Tiger fighting Snake. Well this started off OK but as I added more detail instead of a vicious battle it looks more like the tiger and snake have been on the beer and the tigers saying "you're my best mate you, I love you"  .Still, its a sketch done!

Day 140. Panthers head and a Rose, nothing to say really it is what it is.

Day 141. Egyptian style cat. Simple as that.

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