Thursday, 16 May 2013

Cats May 8th - 14th

Day 128. Tigers head. A lot of these sketches are not strictly tattoo designs, they are just an exercise  for me to get a feel of how to draw teeth, eyes nose, etc. etc. for use when laying out any further  tattoos.

Day 129. Trying to simplify from a reference photo, I should have spent more time throwing in a few guide lines as the face is a bit skewed. The writings not too bad though!

Day 130. Panther on some rocks, the design is maybe not the best silhouette but could be a good cover up.

Day 131. Panther crawling down. Not the best head ever, I need to work on simpler heads.

Day 132. Another go at a cat on a 13. Well it's better than the last effort at least.

Day 133. Sketch of a lion. he looks a bit surprised. Really just more practice in anatomy.

Day 134. This is really just a blatant copy of a Martin Lacasse panthers head, but I needed to work on my panther heads so it's sensible to copy from people who do it well.

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