Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sealife June 22nd - 30th

Day 173. Dragon Koi Tattoo. my attempt at a dragon koi style.

Day 174. Koi Fish tattoo design. Just another koi design.

Day 175. Swordfish design. Got a little short on time this day.

Day 176. Koi fish design. Tried to get the fins a little more floaty, it didn't work!

Day 177. Dragon koi tattoo. A little different style with this dragon koi.

Day 178. Simple small Dolphin and wave tattoo design.

Day 179. Another Koi fish design. Trying a bigger perspective.

Day 180. Small floaty goldfish design.

Day 181. Shark and Anchor tattoo design.
Well that is it for this month and I'm at the half way point with my project.

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