Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Sealife June 1st - 7th

Day 152. Koi fish. I like to start off the month just doing sketches based on memory or the way I normally do drawings. As I go through the month it helps me to see what I've been doing wrong.
There's lots wrong with this sketch, hopefully they'll get better as the month goes by.

Day 153. Koi fish. Referenced (pretty much just copied!) from a Jack Mosher sketch. Comparing the two sketches shows all the mistakes I made drawing from memory.

Day 154. Shark tattoo design. Throw a banner and some writing around something, hey presto, tattoo design.

Day 155. A few dolphin sketches, I really need to work on water flow and finger waves, some days they look good others they look terrible, this is one of the other days.

Day 156. Drawn with thoughts of what I leant copying Mosher. Head looks funny but a more slender body type is more pleasing, design wise.

Day 157. Angry shark with dynamic water. Happy with the shark, not so much the water.
Day 158. Two dolphins in a circle tattoo design.

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