Friday, 14 June 2013

Sealife June 8th - 14th

Day 159.Two goldfish. A bit static looking this.

Day 160. Another Koi fish. this time pretty much copied from a Hori Benny design.

Day 161. Shark with Anchor Tattoo design. Trying to get back to a more traditional feel design.

Day 162. Octopus. Was fun doing something a little different.

Day 163. Seahorse Tattoo design. This would make a nice small tattoo.

Day 164. Nautilus Tattoo design. Thought I'd go a little different here, would work well with a better more interesting background.

Day 165. Koi Fish Tattoo design. Drawn from reference of a real koi carp. I'm a little happier with the dynamics of the water on this.

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