Friday, 21 June 2013

Sealife June 15th - 21st

Day 166. Jellyfish tattoo design. Looks a bit like a parachute but it is drawn from real life reference.

Day 167. Whale leaping out of water. A bit rushed this one didn't get a lot of time this day, but here it is anyway.

Day 168. Koi fish tattoo design. Another one pretty much copied from a Jack Mosher design as I couldn't find a good reference for a similar koi.

Day 169. Koi fish tattoo based on a real life reference.

Day 170. Skull octopus tattoo design. Having another bash at an octopus but with a skull head. Everythings better with a skull!

Day 171. Turtle design. Not my best effort ever, just having a bad day I think.

Day 172. Shark attacking out of water tattoo design. Should be quite an effective design with colour in it.
I feel I'm getting a little more comfortable with my finger waves and water dynamics.

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