Friday, 26 July 2013

Dragons July 15th - 21st.

Day 196. Fantasy style dragons head. Thought I'd do a few fantasy type dragons as I've mainly been concentrating on Japanese style up to now. Based on a source picture on google.

Day 197. Fantasy dragon. A little like a welsh dragon this one.

Day 198. Fantasy dragon in flight. didn't get much time on this one.

Day 199. Another Dragons head based from a set of heads from a google image search.

Day 200. Back to the Japanese style. This time another blatant copy of a Jack Mosher design.
I'm trying to understand achieving the thicker body weight but still with a pleasing flow.

Day 201. This is a shifty looking character if I ever saw one, I think he's missing his top hat and cloak.

Day 202. Not a very successful attempt at a fantasy dragons head.

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