Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dragons - July 1st - 7th

Day 182. Here we go 1st of July. A new month a new challenge.
Lets see how I get on with Dragons, it's mainly the feet and legs I have most problems with so hopefully by the end of the month I'll have them sorted.

I don't think a dragons body would be able to bend like this, they can only get better.

Day 183. Dragons head , heavily referenced from a tattoo by Yang of Taiwan.

Day 184. Dragon tattoo design. Again a few flow issues and I didn't get time to do more detail.

Day 185. Dragon tattoo design. I'm a lot happier with this effort it's got a much better flow about it.

Day 186. Dragon tattoo design. Likewise this has a more pleasing flow about it.

Day 187. Dragons head tattoo design. Simple dragons head.

Day 188. Dragons head and claws referenced from a Regino Gonzales tattoo.

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