Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Dragons July 8th - 14th

Day 189. Dragon tattoo design. Would work well with some fire and clouds background for a half sleeve.

Day 190. Dragons head tattoo design. Referenced heavily from a painting by Henning Jorgensen. I'm trying to pick up little design details that make an average design into a good design.through referencing all these other artists.

Day 191. Dragons head tattoo design. Drawn from scratch but incorporating design elements learnt from previous sketches.

Day 192. Don't really know what happened here. I think I nwas going for a cross between a Japanese syle and a fantasy style. It hasn't worked out.

Day 193. Dragons head tattoo design. Going for a flatter.longer style, he's definately a shifty looking character!

Day 194. Totally lost the flow on this one and also didn't make much time to get it finished.

Day 195. Japanese style dragon tattoo design. Redeemed myself today regarding flow and getting a more finished looking design I think.

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