Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Insects December 22nd - 31st.

Day 356. Ornamental Butterfly design. I took reference from a book of Victorian ornament to design this.

Day 357. Insect Lady tattoo design. I put a bit of everything into this, would like to tattoo stuff like this.

Day 358. Floral skull tattoo design. Had another go at a hidden skull type image, I'm a lot happier with this attempt.

Day 359. Happy Christmas. Just a simple little fun worm for today, fitted it in in between family visits.

Day 360. Little skull wasp tattoo design. This would be a fun tattoo to do.

Day 361. Spiders web tattoo design. Referenced from a pinterest photo of someones Halloween make up, and then I threw in a few spiders.

Day 362. Insect tattoo design. I'm not really sure what this is of, some kind of tick maybe, I gave it a bit of a bio mechanical feel.

Day 363. Housefly tattoo designs. Soft shaded little designs, I think would look nice and subtle.

Day 364.Steam punk/ clockwork beetle tattoo design. Referenced from some cool real beetle/ clockwork art pieces someone had made.

Day 365.Spider and pocket watch tattoo design. Well this is it my final sketch. I've done it with the time nearing 12. I know they're not the best circles ever and its all a bit wonky but I've finally finished my project so its a bit more symbolic, if anything.

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