Thursday, 5 December 2013

Pin-Ups November 22nd - 30th

Day 326. I had a go at the ultimate pin up 'Bettie Page' I think I've made one of her eyes a bit wonky though.

Day 327. Dia los Muertos, day of the Dead girl tattoo design.

Day 328. Pin up girl tattoo design. Ran short on time today, this one is pretty much just a copy of a clip art style pin up design I had seen.

Day 329. Pin up girl design. I tried exaggerating the features with this one, but I don't think it really worked with the face.

Day 330. Skinhead Girl tattoo design. I referenced a few different pictures for this. I'm quite happy with this, just wish I had not made the t shirt skin-tight and had added a bit of material stretch there instead.

Day 331. Pin up girl tattoo design. I think I got the head from Pinterest again? added in the roses and ornament.

Day 332. Pin up girl applying lipstick. Again I think referenced from Pinterest.

Day 333. Busy day and ran short of time again, so this is another one that is pretty much a straight up copy of a pin up girl clip art style design.

Day 334. Referenced from Pinterest? Last one of this month. Its been fun this month as girls are not something I would usually try and draw, and if it were for a tattoo I would mainly trace up from the reference. Anyway onwards and upwards bring on next month.

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