Friday, 27 December 2013

Insects December 15th - 21st

Day 349. Ladybird on daisy tattoo design.Would make a nice little tattoo in colour.

Day 350. Moth / Mandala tattoo design. I have seen a tattoo similar before this is my take on it.

Day 351.Spider tattoo design. I've gone a bit abstract with this with the skull and heart features I think it would make a nice tattoo.

Day 352. Beetle and jewelry tattoo design. I've not done the best symmetry ever but if I were tattooing it I would just copy one half. Would look nice I think.

Day 353. Ants on a rose. Basically what I've just described, not the best I've done certainly but a sketch all the same.

Day 354. Spider / Locket tattoo design. Same thing with the symmetry here but I do think this would make a nice tattoo either black and grey or colour.

Day 355. Winged beetle with lace tattoo design. I'm quite happy with this, would need tidying up a bit for tattooing but could look good.

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