Monday, 9 December 2013

Insects December 1st - 7th

Day 335. Butterfly and swirls tattoo design. Just some quick little butterflies with swirlys to get the month started. Bread and butter stuff to do.

Day 336. Scorpion tattoo design. Again a standard tattoo type design to do.

Day337. Skull with spiders and roses tattoo design. This would make a very interesting tattoo with a bit more background added to it.

Day338. Deathhead Moth tattoo design. Moth done with eyes and teeth designs on the wings.

Day339. Butterfly on a flower. It is what it says it is, a butterfly on a flower not a lot else to say.

Day340. Lace Dragonfly design. I've seen a couple of tattoos done in a lace type style, this one is almost a total copy of a design I'd seen, I'd like to try more in this style but using a true lace reference instead of making a copy of anothers design.

Day 341.Stag beetle tattoo design. Stag beetle holding a pearl and jewelled necklace. I think I'll do a couple more like this, this month.

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